Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Book Project Due in 2 Weeks

Just a quick reminder that students have their February book project due in exactly 2 weeks from today!  If you aren't sure what that project is, please click HERE for a full description with the project sheet.  Students will have paper tomorrow to bring home and will have the full week of break to work on it as well.  Please help to make sure that your student is working on reading their book throughout the rest of the week and break to get it done, as it's a big portion of their reading grade at this point.  Thank you!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Science-filled Monday!

Today was a day filled with science [and rain, but it's winter in Washington so that's no shocker!].

Today we continued our exploration of food chemistry by looking at how our food actually moves through our body - the digestive system!  We watched a quick video that talks about the parts of the digestive system and the job that each part has.  You can view it at home HERE.  We looked at what inputs go into our body as well as what comes out - and yes, there is more than just poop (though the kids found it much funnier to think poop was the only thing!).  On your planner for tonight, write the two types of energy that come out of our system for bonus points!

This afternoon we took at look at different nutrients we haven't studied yet.  So far today we looked at fat, protein, and carbohydrates (starch and glucose).  Today we broke into small groups and became "experts" on a vitamin or mineral that is important to our body.  Students made posters that explain how the nutrient is helpful to our bodies and what foods contain the vitamins or minerals.  Unfinished posters are coming home tonight to get finished and ready to present tomorrow - be on the lookout for those!

Tomorrow is also our first "walking" trip to the North Beach ravine.  PLEASE make sure that students are dressed for the weather - we are going rain or shine! - with rain boots, an extra pair of socks, and waterproof jackets.  Hats and gloves are encouraged as well!

Have a great evening and stay dry out there!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quick Reminder: Class Pictures Tomorrow!

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that class picture day is tomorrow so come looking your best!

We had SO many absences because of the Seahawks parade so I am hoping to see everyone back at school tomorrow to we have a full class photo!  :)

Write PHOTO on your planner for Thursday to get bonus points!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Book Project: Newbery Award Winners!

This month we are focusing on Newbery Award winning books for our monthly book project!  It is a fantastic book selection - it did win an award for outstanding writing after all - but it is a category that is rarely ever explored by many students in our class!  What a tragedy!  Click the medal below for a list of all past and present Newbery Award winners.

The project worksheet is listed below and explains all of the requirements for the book project.  Students have 3 weeks to read the book and fulfill the requirements.  The project will be due the day we come back from mid-winter break so that students have time over break to finish their project.  They will be given time both inside and outside of class to finish the project, but students should expect to spend time at home finishing the project, especially if computer use is desired.

February Book Project

          Have you ever been to Barnes and Noble bookstores and looked at the book jackets with an illustrated scene or picture of a main character?  On the back there is also a summary of the book’s plot (with a few important details left out).  Well, for this project you are going to select a Newbery Award winning book, read it, and then design a front and back cover to advertise it.
          Your cover should be the actual size of the book.  It should have a fully colored picture of a scene from the book with the title and author clearly written across the top in really snazzy lettering.  Remember, the idea is to get others interested in the book! For this project you are an advertising specialist AND a graphic artist.
          The back of the book cover should have a full summary of the book’s contents to allow others to get an idea of what the book is about.  Hint: think of your work with the book trailers and how we left with a question to get people hooked!  The spine of the cover should have the title and the author’s name on it as well.
          The cover should be colorful, informative, and attractive in order to sell the book.
·         Computer use is, of course, allowed but not required.  Different fonts might give you some ideas for lettering types to use in your design
·         Consider the tone, or feeling, of your book when deciding on a color.  A scary book might be colored with reds, blues and blacks.  A funny, light-hearted book might use yellows or light blues.  Really spend some time on your color scheme.
·         If it’s an adventure, you might want to select the most important or exciting scene in the book and illustrate that on your cover to attract attention.

Good luck and have fun!!  Your project is due February 24th, 2014