Thursday, May 30, 2013

CBA and WJM and Balloons!!

What a title, huh?

Well tomorrow is a big day here at North Beach with a LOT going on!

Tomorrow is our Walk-a-Jog-a-Move-a-thon.  Please remind your student to bring and wear comfy clothes and running/walking shoes as well as a water bottle and a small amount of snack money, if desired.  We will be walking, jogging, and moving from 1-2:30 tomorrow!

Also tomorrow our CBA is due for social studies!  We have been working so hard on it that we all can't wait to have it finally finished.  :)  I will be emailing people who still need to complete their CBA and/or maps tonight so be on the lookout!

Today we also started our end of the year countdown with one of my favorite activities all year!  :)  Can you spot the hidden balloons around our classroom?

In each balloon there is a small slip of paper that explains a mystery activity that is planned for each day for the rest of the year.  Some are privileges and some are prizes but everyone is excited to see what it is!  Tomorrow students who earned the balloon prize get to choose anywhere in the classroom to sit for the day!  I hope they all make great choices!

For bonus points, write WJM on your student planner and we will see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

iPads and 13 More Days

Wow, there are only 13 days of school left!  I can't believe that we are already at that point!  These next few weeks are absolutely filled with assemblies and activities so they are definitely going to fly right by and we will be off to 5th grade before we know it! 

Today we had a chance to start our last research project with the iPads!  So fun!  It was great seeing everyone so thrilled and involved with the research. 

Great job, P4!
For bonus points, please write iPad in your planner for tonight!  We are working on earning popcorn and a movie on June 13th so let's get there and end the year off right!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ending the Weekend with a Field Trip!

We were SO lucky today and got to spend our field trip with gorgeous weather (dare I say, warm weather) and then as we were getting on the bus, the rain came down - timing couldn't have been more perfect!

The ladies overall were knee-deep in water observing anemones and egg sacks, etc.  The boys overall were avoiding getting wet and dirty at all costs.  Quite the role reversal so I loved seeing that.  :)

We were so happy to have more Dads on the trip today, who we normally don't get to see as much of!  Thank you for all of those people who came through in a pinch and helped make this trip possible!  Pictures will be up soon!

Enjoy your long weekend and we will see you back on Tuesday, ready to make our last 14 (yes, only 14 days left!) days together memorable in positive ways and fun! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thank You!!

I knew the support was out there and so a BIG thank you from me and the students for pulling together and volunteering for Thursday's field trip so that we are all able to go!  I greatly appreciate it and so do the students!

A couple quick reminders:
  • This weekend is a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day
  • Last book order of the year is due Tuesday, May 28th
  • Next Friday is the Walk-A-Jog-A-Move-A-Thon
  • Mrs. Mclane needs some help in the library in order for us to do our annual book swap - She wants to do the book swap June 6th (a Thursday) but needs parent volunteers to help sort books that morning.  If you're able to help make the book swap a possibility, please email her or come see her so that we can have our book swap - I know the kids REALLY look forward to it every year!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Book Order of the Year!

The last book order of the year is coming home today - yes, we are ALREADY there in the year.  With Memorial Day weekend just right around the corner, the end of the year really snuck up on me this year!  :)  This last book order is a great chance to order some books to keep your student motivated to read, read, READ, all summer long and avoid the dredded "summer slump" where all the progress made during the school year fades away on the long summer months.  The book orders will be due Tuesday, May 28th!

We had MAP testing today (the last of the school year unless you have to do make up testing) and the kids did a great job!  Way to end the testing year strong!

Also, this Thursday is our field trip to Golden Gardens for our ecosystems walk during low tide and to interact with the tide pools.  Right now we only have 2 chaperones signed up and we need AT LEAST 5 in order to go.  Unless we get some more by Thursday, the chaperones who have signed up will take their groups with the other 4th grade class and the rest of us will have to stay behind since there isn't enough supervision, especially in nice weather on the beach.  Please consider volunteering for this field trip since we really need your support.  I would hate for all of our planning to go to waste with a lack of adults signing up!  Please send a note with your student or an email to me ASAP if you're interested and available for chaperoning.  Thanks!

Friday, May 17, 2013

MAP Testing Monday - Reading

The last of the BIG school tests are finally here and we are ready!  Reading MAP tests will be Monday afternoon from 2-3:30. Please be sure that students are here with a good breakfast, hearty lunch, and have had a good night's sleep!

Pet adoptions were today and 4 ladies went home with new family members.   We still have fish and snails available for adoption, if you're interested.  We have to have the pets adopted by Wednesday so that we can have our science kits returned the next day. 

Just a quick reminder before you're off for the weekend, that next weekend is Memorial Day weekend (yes, it's that time already!) and so there is no school next Friday or the following Monday.  YAY!  :)

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully we get some nice weather!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pet Adoption

Our cloud fish, pond snails, crickets, and isopods are ready for their forever home with your family!  Students came home today with an adoption form and they are first come first serve, with an adoption plan AND parent permission slip attached.  I know several of our girls are literally shaking with excitement so I know that our organisms are going to be safe and happy. 

Today was also our MAP test - yes, another test!  Students did an AWESOME job working on that for almost an hour and a half for math.  Our last MAP test for reading is next Monday so please make sure that your student is here and ready to do their best!

Write MAP on your student's planner for tonight for bonus points.  :)

Friday, May 10, 2013


We made it through our last week of MSP and although the kids are REALLY hyper and very low on attention - we made it!  Thankfully the weekend is here so we can all rest and relax.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the P4 families for making me feel so appreciated during Teacher Appreciation week.  It's great families like you who make teaching a great job to have!

Enjoy the gorgeous weekends and help your students get plenty of sleep so we are ready for the home stretch of the school year and end on a positive note!  :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Are You Coming Back to North Beach?

Today there will be a yellow piece of paper coming home with your student asking if you're coming back to North Beach next year so that we can start making classes for next year - yes, it's that time already!  It is important for us, as teachers, to have an accurate look at who will be here next year so that we can make accurate and balanced classes for 5th grade since it will be two BIG classes.  Right now there are about 8 students who are saying they are a MAYBE for leaving next year because they have been put on waiting lists for openings at Salmon Bay and other schools.  If you are one of those families, please mark on the yellow sheet that you are a MAYBE so that we know and can take that into consideration.  I think that many students are wishing or raise their hand that they are moving because their friends are, but if there truly are 8 students leaving, that is good to know.

Thanks for returning those ASAP - 10 bonus points if it is brought back tomorrow and 5 points any other time this week. 

Enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having while it lasts!

Monday, May 6, 2013


Tomorrow is our next state test in reading.  Reading is done on the computer and will most likely take half of a day for most of the students.  While most of the students will finish be lunch time, any students who do not finish will be given until the end of the day in order to finish. 

I am confident that the students will do their best and will do amazingly!  They have finished two full days of writing so a half day of reading will be a breeze!  :)

Please make sure your student comes packed with a hearty snack and a water bottle to stay hydrated through the warm weather we are having.  Thanks so much and make sure we get plenty of rest for tomorrow!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Field Trip Forms Coming Home Today

We have just announced our last two field trips for the year and we are SO excited!!

The first is May 23rd to Golden Gardens to take a look at the marine invertebrates during low tide.  This will be a great tie into our science curriculum we have been working on this trimester with ecosystems and our ground invertebrate unit we completed earlier this year.  We MUST have at least 4 chaperones for this field trip in order to go.  Unfortunately if we do not get enough chaperones our class will have to cancel so I highly encourage you to come and join us for a day on the beach in Ballard! 

The last is June 10th as our end of the year celebration to Lynnwood Bowl and Skate!  We will be there ALL DAY and have two hours of skating, lunch of pizza and soda provided, and the afternoon will be filled with bowling!  I can't wait, personally!  I haven't been skating in years and I think it will be a great way to end our year together.  :) 

Students have a LOT of homework this weekend - they are instructed to rest and enjoy the gorgeous weather that is forecasted - tough, I know!  So I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and come back Monday ready to learn and for more testing!  :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Students were on a ROLL with their second (and last!) writing MSP for the year.  They did a fantastic job - though the heat and fatigue was getting to us a little!  It's really hard to compete with that gorgeous weather we are having. 

Thankfull we have the weekend to rest and get our brains ready for our next set of tests - reading (on Tuesday) and math (on Thursday).  I know they will continue to do a fantastic job. 

Thanks for all of you who are supporting your students at home with healthy breakfasts and plenty of sleep.  Write ROLL on your student's planner tonight for 5 bonus points!  :)