Sunday, April 29, 2012

MSP This Week

The MSP is here!  As a third grade, we take the reading and math MSP.  This year we have decided as a school that we are going to take the reading MSP on the computer.

We will start the test first thing in the morning so it is important that students are IN SCHOOL and are ON TIME so that we can start right away.  If students are late to school they will NOT be allowed in the classroom and will have to make up the test on a different day.  Students will be given bubble gum and crackers for a snack during the test but if you want to send your student with another snack you are welcome to.  We will be taking time for snack during the testing period so everyone can do their best.  Please make sure that your student gets plenty of sleep the night before and gets a good breakfast that morning so everyone is ready to go and do their best!  We have been practicing in class all last week and this week so we are READY!  The students have been doing a great job and I know they will be awesome.

For our class, we will be taking the reading test on May 3rd (Thursday).
We will be taking the math test on May 10th (the following Thursday).

Thank you for all of your support for your student is year and during our test!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Science Fair Poster Due Tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that the science fair poster is due tomorrow. The poster should have ALL of the student's information on it - hypothesis, testable question, test results, materials list, etc. ALL of the things that have had mini-due dates over the last month or so on a poster. This will be the poster that is shown at the science fair on Thursday. However, we will be presenting the poster on Wednesday morning in class as part of the student's grades so they need to have it here. If you are bringing materials to show with the poster for the science fair judging, those can come in anytime between now and Thursday morning. We will be displaying our science fair posters Thursday morning in the cafeteria for judging so that needs to be here on time. If it's not here on time, it's not judged.

Thanks for all of your help and support over this past month to prepare for the science fair! Our students couldn't do it without you!